CD cover: Sundays in Paris

lena_nataliaA native of Chicago, Lena Natalia recently returned to the U.S. after living in Paris, France, for several years. Lena Natalia brings a fresh, new sound to Modern Classical music with her emotionally-evocative and minimalist piano melodies.

Her debut album, SUNDAYS IN PARIS, a collection of original modern classical piano melodies, was released in November 2015; the title track from the album recently won the award for BEST INSTRUMENTAL SONG in the 5th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards held in Los Angeles in April 2016.

In June 2016, SUNDAYS IN PARIS  was awarded Gold Medals for BEST ALBUM and MINIMALIST PIANO MELODIES by the Global Music Awards. 

We have designed the cover for this Album. Although we had presented Lena with many designs based on original pictures we had taken ourselves in Paris, Lena wanted us to use a picture of a city view she has taken while she lived in Paris.  A picture that was of a lesser quality we were used to work with and that needed a lot of retouching, like removing cables in front of buildings, making cars in the street les prominent, changing angles of chimneys, changing colour of sky to create more atmosphere, and more…

It is easy to delete cables visible in the sky, but when it comes to delete them from buildings many designers will face problems with this because the deleted parts need to be refilled with the original background. This is not easy to do when the cables were visible over structured walls and windows. But we managed to do so by zooming in and redraw every missing line and object in detail by hand. A time consuming activity but with a positive result. You can’t tell where the cables were.

We wish Lena a lot of ongoing succes and hope to work with her again in the future.
This is wat she wore about us:


Maryna has been a delight to work with on this project. She is talented, thoughtful and seems personally invested in successfully seeing a project through to its best result possible. She provided not only a wide variety of ideas for consideration, but was also able to see details that others may not have, which translated into a better overall final product. Maryna is also extremely responsive and was willing to make any changes I needed in order to meet the final specs by deadline. She is wonderful to work with and I am very happy to have had her expertise on this!

Lena Natalia USA (CD Sundays in Paris)

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Book cover: The Courageous Life

“Being overwhelmed with the big picture
can hinder you from being in the picture at all.”

Melissa J. Nixon (USA)

Melissa J. Nixon (USA) is a professional speaker, trainer, and leadership coach who spend her days connecting with the hearts of women and pushing them past their perceived boundaries to achieve goals that were once just a thought.

Recently her new book: “The Courageous Life” was published and we’re proud to say that we have designed the cover of this book. She loved the concept of puzzle pieces or leaping. Since leaping images are overused and it would not make her book stand out, we concentrated on the puzzle pieces.

Your life is build up from talents, experiences, knowledge, emotions and more, who needs to fit together like puzzle pieces in order to have success. Her added value is to learn people to use courage as the last puzzle piece. So puzzle pieces were really something we could work with.

Before we started the design we did some research about Melissa, her character, her website and the colors she uses. It became quickly clear that she is a very energetic person. Therefore, we wanted this energy also to be reflected in the design. Since the book supports a business purpose many designers would choose a more serious look but we went searching for some more energetic pictures of her that would enhance the energy we wanted to transmit. Melissa shouting was a good choice.
We also have used the colors of her website because it contributed to the branding of her business. It is important to have this consistency.

It is also important to understand that we did a lot more than just create the cover of her book. We became part of this project, created parts of the design that she could use for promotional reasons and gave her advice about the use of fonts and colors. We saw this project through to the end and that’s what we stand for: a reliable partner for our customers.

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Book cover: ReStart

“Unleashing your potential starts with overcoming barriers to success.”

Chad Goldwasser  (Austin, Texas,USA)

Chad Goldwasser, the number 1 ranked real estate agent, lives his mission every day by efficiently and effectively guiding real estate professionals through the path to success, financial freedom and a better life. He does this by empowering them with easy-to-implement methods, systems and tools.
His new book, “ReStart” is out and we are proud to have created the cover design for this book.

He wanted us to create an epic book cover about the 7 key system the author used to become the #1 real estate agent in the world.

By analyzing his wishes we extracted some key elements: real estate business and the 7 key system.
We wanted this cover to enhance the professionalism of Chad Goldwasser, build trust and invite to read.

The city nightlife enhanced with some visual effects was used to create the background, but the most important element was the picture of Chad himself which really needed to show maturity, professionalism and dynamism. We did not like the original picture he delivered, but together with his contact, Joshua, we found the right image that could convince every reader.

Thank you Chad for giving us the opportunity to create this design for you.

Website of Chad Goldwasser

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Wall decoration – Wall Art – Murals

Wall decoration includes different segments such as wall art, murals and wall decals. Wall decoration belongs to the final finish and is therefore often harshly treats by interior designers. Not least because there are not taken into account in the budgeting of the work carried out. The responsibility is then pushed back to the owner of the project or building.

I cannot stress enough that this is a completely wrong approach. Let me give you a simple example: Have you ever eaten Chinese food in an Italian restaurant or French fries in a sushi bar? Probably not, because it is not done, and even if you did I bet it didn’t taste as expected. Why? Because interiors give signals to our brain of what to expect in a particular room. A fact that is well understood by filmmakers.


There are many scientific explanations about the importance of using the right colors and designs in the interior, and therefore this cannot be ignored nor neglected. A   good   interior   design   is   more   than   decorating   a   room.   It   takes   into   account   the   purpose   for   which   space   is   used.   The   judicious   use of   colors   and   materials   plays   an   important   role.   The   importance   of   tailor-made   wall   decoration   should   not   be   underestimated.   A wrong   wall   decoration   can   completely   destroy   the   intended   effect   of   the   precious   and   well-studied   interior   design.


Good  designs can bring guests   right   away   in   the   right   mood,   or   captivate   them   while they wait.   A   good   interior   design   takes   into account   the   activities   carried   out   in   each   area,   and   in   connection   therewith   also   a   good wall    decoration.    It    can    increase    the    company’s    prestige,    influence    the    mood    of customers,   generate   interest   in   job   interviews,   or   give   a   moment’s   rest   to   employees.

We at MaryDes have a lot of experience in creating wall decoration. I suggest to take a look at the many examples at our website.

MaryDes Webdesign

These days everyone can create a website. There are plenty tools and third party software that can be used to accomplish this without a single line of programming is needed. If you would go for this kind of website, what do you think you will get? If everyone is using the same components, will your site be noticed? Will you make an original impression and let your site stand out? Will your site be responsive and easy readable on portable devices? And what about the rankings? Google imposes many SEO rules to get higher rankings; are you aware of these rules and do you know how to implement them?

And let’s talk about the graphics on your site. Are they original and of good quality? Do they support the message you want to tell?

A   website   adds   to   the   image   of   the   company   and   must   radiate professionalism. MaryDes   creates, in   mutual   consultation, graphic   elements   for   your   existing   website, advertising   banners   for   use on   other   websites, banners   for   social   media   like   Facebook   and   WordPress   or   complete   autonomous   websites.      Together   with   their in-house   copywriter   they   combine   word   and   images   into   an   extraordinary   and   magic   mix   that   will   impress, touch   and   move   your visitors beyond your expectations. They know all there is to know about search engine optimization (SEO).

With MaryDes you’ll have a high quality website available which contributes to the prestige of your company.

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