Book cover: The Courageous Life

“Being overwhelmed with the big picture
can hinder you from being in the picture at all.”

Melissa J. Nixon (USA)

Melissa J. Nixon (USA) is a professional speaker, trainer, and leadership coach who spend her days connecting with the hearts of women and pushing them past their perceived boundaries to achieve goals that were once just a thought.

Recently her new book: “The Courageous Life” was published and we’re proud to say that we have designed the cover of this book. She loved the concept of puzzle pieces or leaping. Since leaping images are overused and it would not make her book stand out, we concentrated on the puzzle pieces.

Your life is build up from talents, experiences, knowledge, emotions and more, who needs to fit together like puzzle pieces in order to have success. Her added value is to learn people to use courage as the last puzzle piece. So puzzle pieces were really something we could work with.

Before we started the design we did some research about Melissa, her character, her website and the colors she uses. It became quickly clear that she is a very energetic person. Therefore, we wanted this energy also to be reflected in the design. Since the book supports a business purpose many designers would choose a more serious look but we went searching for some more energetic pictures of her that would enhance the energy we wanted to transmit. Melissa shouting was a good choice.
We also have used the colors of her website because it contributed to the branding of her business. It is important to have this consistency.

It is also important to understand that we did a lot more than just create the cover of her book. We became part of this project, created parts of the design that she could use for promotional reasons and gave her advice about the use of fonts and colors. We saw this project through to the end and that’s what we stand for: a reliable partner for our customers.

More about MaryDes:

More about Melissa:

See how Melissa promotes her book:



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