Book cover: El Hombre Canción

An older man looks back at his childhood. As a Jewish boy he grew up in an orphanage. Although he was very poor and had a rough time, he kept on singing.
El hombre Canción is a novel about a boy who brings into the heart only love, nobility, and infinite curiosity for what is happening in this world. The child is, as is our destiny, in a world that no matter what should be, is what it is.

Isaac Zimmerman organized an international design competition to create the cover for his book, which was won by us.

The older man who looks back at his childhood is symbolized by the boy and the shadow of an older man.  The boy on the cover does not exist. We needed to have a look of a poor boy with dirty clothes and medium trousers walking at the beach and carrying his sandals. The hair, head, body, legs, clothes, rags of the boy are all different pictures. The sandals were added later and everything was seamlessly blended together. We created a late evening sky and added some light effects. Even the sea consists of two different pictures because we really wanted to have the right wave at the beach.

Nothing at this picture is real, but we were able to create the right atmosphere for his book and are proud to have created this little jewel. So thank you Isaac for honoring us as winner.

You can find more wonderful covers at Marydes.



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