Order your book cover now for 225$

Recently we’ve decided to take our first steps at Twitter and we are very excited to share all our beautiful designs with this community.  The first reactions were very positive but it takes time to attract followers. In order to speed up this process we have decided to propose Twitter followers a special offer:

Even if you’re book is not ready yet, order your book cover now for only 225 USD and you will get this package:

  • Based on your information, a beautiful exclusively for you created book cover by Maryna, multiple award winning designer.
  • Unlimited adjustments until your book is printed. We will be available to you and your publisher until your book is released.
  • Free e-book cover
  • Free promotional banners and adds about your book for your social media like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Free article at our blog. As soon as your book is released we will write an article about it and publish this, with a link to your book, at our blog.
  • Free promotion through our social media. Once your book is released we will present it to our connections at Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook. All with links to your site or book.
  • And above all an excellent service through the years, because we would like to build up a long time relationship with you.


  • This action expires 15/08/2016 but you can order now and let us create your cover later. Deadline will be set in mutual agreement.
  • You must have a Twitter account
  • You must follow us at Twitter: @MaryDes_designs

Click here to order your book cover now


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