When to order your book cover?

Many writers are so busy writing their book that they forget to think about their book cover. However, timely access to your cover design is more important than you might think.
Developing a cover by a professional designer takes time. The designer must properly understand what your book is about, and many correspondences may occur before he can begin the design. Then he must address his resources to find the right elements for your design and after that he can start the real work. Finally, he will present his design to you where after you still have the opportunity to comment and request adjustments. So some time goes by before your cover is ready.

Then you have to take into account the promotion of your book. It’s a good idea to start already marketing your book before your book is finished and printed. You have to intrigue your potential readers, post teasers, if possible even start the presale. For this you will need banners and other graphics, but this is what your professional designer can help you with.

In my view, you should at least start with the realization of your cover if your book is written for two third and you’re sure you’re going to finish your book, but there are others who say that you should have your cover available much earlier.

Debbie Young, of the Alliance of Independent Authors, writes in an article on their site, that among their members many writers develop a cover very early for the following reasons:

  • Mocking up a book cover before you start writing makes a book seem “real”, which can help motivate you to write it.
  • Defining the cover before you write the book makes you consider your readers’ perspective.
  • Having the cover in front of you while you’re writing keeps you focused.
  • Once you’ve planned your book, you know what the key elements will be, so it’s easy to brief it in to your designer at that stage – why wait?
  • Planning it early gives you the chance to live with the cover for a while before you have to commit to the final version.
  • If you’re taking this approach of writing the book from the outside in, so to speak, why stop at the cover design? Also add a working title, strapline, and make up a puff quote from the type of person you’d like to endorse it.
  • If you show off the cover while you’re still writing the book, you’ll intrigue your audience long before the book is published, via a cover reveal announcement at any stage you like, and warm them up to purchase it once it’s published.

Of course you’re not pinned down to your cover once your book is ready to publish, even if it has already been published. It happens more than once that authors or publishers change the cover at a later stage if they notice that the book does not sell quickly enough because the cover might not appeal enough.

MaryDes becomes your design partner

At MaryDes we know that the cost of publishing a book can be significant. That’s why we offer you a complete service. When you order from us your book cover before 07/15/2016 you’ll get following benefits:

  • Based on your information, a beautiful exclusively for you created book cover by Maryna, multiple award winning designer.
  • Unlimited adjustments until your book is printed. We will be available to you and your publisher until your book is released.
  • Free e-book cover (temporary included in the book cover price)
  • Free promotional banners and adds about your book for your social media like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Free article at our blog. As soon as your book is released we will write an article about it and publish this, with a link to your book, at our blog.
  • Free promotion through our social media. Once your book is released we will present it to our connections at Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook. All with links to your site or book.
  • And above all an excellent service through the years, because we would like to build up a long time relationship with you.

Together with you, we make your book a success.
Enjoy today this combination benefit and order your book cover on MaryDes.



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