Wall decoration – Wall Art – Murals

Wall decoration includes different segments such as wall art, murals and wall decals. Wall decoration belongs to the final finish and is therefore often harshly treats by interior designers. Not least because there are not taken into account in the budgeting of the work carried out. The responsibility is then pushed back to the owner of the project or building.

I cannot stress enough that this is a completely wrong approach. Let me give you a simple example: Have you ever eaten Chinese food in an Italian restaurant or French fries in a sushi bar? Probably not, because it is not done, and even if you did I bet it didn’t taste as expected. Why? Because interiors give signals to our brain of what to expect in a particular room. A fact that is well understood by filmmakers.


There are many scientific explanations about the importance of using the right colors and designs in the interior, and therefore this cannot be ignored nor neglected. A   good   interior   design   is   more   than   decorating   a   room.   It   takes   into   account   the   purpose   for   which   space   is   used.   The   judicious   use of   colors   and   materials   plays   an   important   role.   The   importance   of   tailor-made   wall   decoration   should   not   be   underestimated.   A wrong   wall   decoration   can   completely   destroy   the   intended   effect   of   the   precious   and   well-studied   interior   design.


Good  designs can bring guests   right   away   in   the   right   mood,   or   captivate   them   while they wait.   A   good   interior   design   takes   into account   the   activities   carried   out   in   each   area,   and   in   connection   therewith   also   a   good wall    decoration.    It    can    increase    the    company’s    prestige,    influence    the    mood    of customers,   generate   interest   in   job   interviews,   or   give   a   moment’s   rest   to   employees.

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