Book cover: Mailboat – Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Bailey Johnson landed the coolest summer job ever: mail jumper on the historic Lake Geneva Mailboat. Falling into the lake is pretty much a hazard of the job. Finding a dead body underwater is pretty much not. Turns out the first victim was only the ripple before the storm.

Danielle Lincoln Hanna gave detailed guidelines how she wanted the book cover to look like, but we think that creating covers is bidirectional thinking. Communication between the author and the designer is essential in creating an outstanding design.

As always, we, at MaryDes, wanted to create something more than a PhotoShopped picture of the lake Geneva mailboat with a title. We wanted to reveal the atmosphere of the book, catch the attention of audience and make sure they take her book at hand.

So, how do we create great designs?

First we analyze the guidelines given by the author. We need to know something about the storyline, characters and the setting. This information is then discussed in a team consisting of the lead designer (Maryna) complemented by a copywriter and marketing specialist. Why? Because after your book is finalized you need to get your audience to read it. Therefore, it is very important to include several elements in your book cover design which facilitate the marketing of your book.

After this brainstorming, the different elements for the design are gathered together. Sometimes one design can consist of 20 different elements, brought seamlessly together to create a complete new design.

The result of this is poured into a provisional design and may vary from the wishes of the author. The work is then subject to approval and review of the client. It is extensively explained why we have created the design as it is.

The author is best placed to assess the new elements to the reality or the contents of the book. For example, we discovered that there is regular a Ferris Wheel in Lake Geneva and we felt that this would add detail to the cover and better refers to the place where the story takes place.  According to the author, however, this did not correspond with the timeline of the book and the wheel was removed.

So a book cover design always arises from an interplay between the various parties involved. With MaryDes you can count on years of experience and know-how of an entire team devoted to your book cover design. That the result often exceeds the expectations is apparent from the reaction of Danielle Licoln Hanna:

 I was blown away by Maryna’s creativity. She took the design into her own hands and ran away with it–yet at the same time, she managed to read my mind and come up with a design I loved. I can’t wait to work with her again!

“Sales so far have been good, and I think your cover art went a long way in helping. Thank you!”

(Danielle Lincoln Hanna)


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More about the book: Mailboat by Danielle Lincoln Hanna.

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The importance of a good book cover design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it is a popular idiom, but in reality most readers do use a cover as a deciding factor whether they should buy a book or not.

Smashwords founder Mark Coker says: “Our brains are wired to process images faster than words. When we see an image, it makes us feel something.” A great cover, he says, can “help the reader instantly recognize that this book is for them.”   They see your cover before they read your book. So, the first impression is everything.

“Bookshops display books with their covers facing the reader,” writes JD Smith in Writers & Artist. “It’s the first thing a reader sees. It is the reason a customer picks up the book, particularly in a supermarket setting where every book is front facing. Only when a reader has picked up the book do they actually read anything…”

With hundreds, if not thousands of books in a store for readers to choose from, your book cover is the first sales talk you make. People expect a cover to tell them what to expect. It presents the atmosphere of the book. It can give your readers a glimpse of the characters or a location where some action took place.

A well-designed cover is the first assurance the reader has that the book is of a high quality. Some book reviewers even don’t want to read a book when the cover is not appealing. They wonder if other areas in the book would lack quality and refinement too.

Naomi Blackburn, one of the world’s top Goodreads reviewers: “If the cover seems to be nothing more than a catalog photograph with block lettering, I bypass it,” she says. “If the author didn’t care enough to dedicate time/effort to their cover, I wonder how much time they put into the book itself.”

So books are judged for their covers and not only by reviewers, also the public. The Cover Matters Survey Results came up with some interesting statistics.

From 616 people who took the survey 79% answered that covers matter; 40% responded not to buy a book if the cover was terrible; and 62% says that covers are the artistic representation of the book (they should be accurately representative of a book’s genre, tone, and/or characters).

A professional book cover can boost your sales significantly, but interesting to know is that even makeovers can double your sale. Suppose your book has a poor book cover, big publishers try to prevent this but even they often change covers of books already published and if your book is published with “printing on demand”, you can do this easily too.

Your story is important, but your cover is equally important. You spent a lot of time writing your book and you want to tell your story to as many people as possible, then why not spent some more time and money for a really good book cover. Hire a professional book cover designer, but how do you recognize one?

How do you recognize a good book cover designer?

There are many sites that offer you book cover designs or where you can hire a freelance designer. In fact there are millions of graphic designers you can connect to over the internet but most of them are would be artists.  Forget book cover designs for 5$. Some say that a professional book cover design will cost you over 500$ but there is a lot of talented cover designers that only charge you half of it. So what do you need to do:

Surf the internet for graphic designers. If you find one:

Check his or her portfolio for:

  • Style: Every designer has his own style. Is this style in line with what you expect from your cover?
  • Use of clipart: There is nothing wrong with the use of clipart as long as it is not only a clipart with a title. Professional designers will use more than one clipart and blend them seamlessly together to create a unique new image. If a cover looks too much as often used clipart, search for another designer.
  • Cliches: If your designer uses to often used cliches he probably lacks creativity. Many would be designers are real copycats and steal ideas from other designers or simply use often used images just to play safe.
  • Anomalies: Often common mistakes are: shade in the wrong place opposite the sun, things that cannot occur in reality. A lake house at the border of a violent see. Even if the designer is talented, your audience will notice.
  • Details: Enlarge a portfolio design and check for lighting details, retouching, blending, contrast and more. The better done the better your designer.
  • Font: Does your designer uses readable fonts which are also readable when the design is a thumbnail.

Check for references:  Although it is very difficult to check these, it might give you some clues.

Communicate: Communicating with your designer is as important than his ability to create professional designs. If he does not fully understand what you want, you might be surprised what he delivers. Always ask for a midterm situation. So you can follow up his progress and adjust if necessary.


Here you will find some more information on the subject:

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And of course, we can help you too with professional book covers. Take advantage of our temporary offer or goto our website at MaryDes.

Book covers for fantasy stories

Bring your imagination to life

Sometimes there’s a story inside you. Some scenes firmly etched in your head and shout loudly to be written. The urge is great to write it down, share your story; and to my opinion you should. Not because you hope to earn a lot of money, but especially for yourself. After all, it gives a tremendous feeling of freedom when your story has been written. It increases your self-confidence and your perception in the way you’re consuming life alters. You pay more attention to details and experience it more intensely. Unconsciously you search for clues for a new story.

Of course you want to share your story, drawn others into a world that was yours so long, and only yours. You are looking for a publisher, but that might be disappointing. A publisher could tell me that only two percent of all manuscripts will also be published. Fortunately, now you can publish your book yourself, without having to spend too much money. There are many companies that deliver “Printing on demand” – services. You deliver your text in a predetermined format and sends them your book cover or choose a standard cover from their range.

Usually writers pay too little attention to a book cover. You don’t want to make to much expenses, and believe that content is more important than a cover. It is a cliché that only partially is true. There are critics who claim that they do not read books with poor cover design and statistics prove that a good cover increases the sales of your book significantly.

A good cover gives your audience already a first impression of what they can expect in your book. It captivates and invites you to read. Creating a cover for a fantasy story is not so easy. The graphic designer will have to project himself this fantasy world of the writer. He should reflect the atmosphere of the book and that’s not really possible with some clipart and backgrounds picked from the internet. For this you need a really good designer who can create this fantasy world and fit everything seamlessly.

So go out and search for a good designer or profit from our years of experience. At MaryDes we create beautiful fantasy covers where we pay attention to every detail. In consultation with the author we will bring his fantasy world to life.

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When to order your book cover?

Many writers are so busy writing their book that they forget to think about their book cover. However, timely access to your cover design is more important than you might think.
Developing a cover by a professional designer takes time. The designer must properly understand what your book is about, and many correspondences may occur before he can begin the design. Then he must address his resources to find the right elements for your design and after that he can start the real work. Finally, he will present his design to you where after you still have the opportunity to comment and request adjustments. So some time goes by before your cover is ready.

Then you have to take into account the promotion of your book. It’s a good idea to start already marketing your book before your book is finished and printed. You have to intrigue your potential readers, post teasers, if possible even start the presale. For this you will need banners and other graphics, but this is what your professional designer can help you with.

In my view, you should at least start with the realization of your cover if your book is written for two third and you’re sure you’re going to finish your book, but there are others who say that you should have your cover available much earlier.

Debbie Young, of the Alliance of Independent Authors, writes in an article on their site, that among their members many writers develop a cover very early for the following reasons:

  • Mocking up a book cover before you start writing makes a book seem “real”, which can help motivate you to write it.
  • Defining the cover before you write the book makes you consider your readers’ perspective.
  • Having the cover in front of you while you’re writing keeps you focused.
  • Once you’ve planned your book, you know what the key elements will be, so it’s easy to brief it in to your designer at that stage – why wait?
  • Planning it early gives you the chance to live with the cover for a while before you have to commit to the final version.
  • If you’re taking this approach of writing the book from the outside in, so to speak, why stop at the cover design? Also add a working title, strapline, and make up a puff quote from the type of person you’d like to endorse it.
  • If you show off the cover while you’re still writing the book, you’ll intrigue your audience long before the book is published, via a cover reveal announcement at any stage you like, and warm them up to purchase it once it’s published.

Of course you’re not pinned down to your cover once your book is ready to publish, even if it has already been published. It happens more than once that authors or publishers change the cover at a later stage if they notice that the book does not sell quickly enough because the cover might not appeal enough.

MaryDes becomes your design partner

At MaryDes we know that the cost of publishing a book can be significant. That’s why we offer you a complete service. When you order from us your book cover before 07/15/2016 you’ll get following benefits:

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CD cover: Through The Chakras

Susanne Murphy is a colour therapist, author and educator. She is vice president of Colour Energy, the world leader in offering colour, chakra and aromatherapy products, services and education for more than 25 years. They manufacture and sell products based on Colour Therapy and Wellness.

For her meditation CD, she needed a cover representing the 7 chakras and a white beam going through it.

As we do in all our designs, we wanted to create atmosphere and placed a silhouette in front of a full moon.  Moon is symbol for woman. The chakras are represented by the coloured lights on her body and above. Since this CD is about colour therapy we’ve created the subtitle in all of the rainbow colours.

Find out more about Colour Energy at:

Look at more cover designs or order your own at:

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  • Free promotion through our social media. Once your book is released we will present it to our connections at Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook. All with links to your site or book.
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Book cover: El Hombre Canción

An older man looks back at his childhood. As a Jewish boy he grew up in an orphanage. Although he was very poor and had a rough time, he kept on singing.
El hombre Canción is a novel about a boy who brings into the heart only love, nobility, and infinite curiosity for what is happening in this world. The child is, as is our destiny, in a world that no matter what should be, is what it is.

Isaac Zimmerman organized an international design competition to create the cover for his book, which was won by us.

The older man who looks back at his childhood is symbolized by the boy and the shadow of an older man.  The boy on the cover does not exist. We needed to have a look of a poor boy with dirty clothes and medium trousers walking at the beach and carrying his sandals. The hair, head, body, legs, clothes, rags of the boy are all different pictures. The sandals were added later and everything was seamlessly blended together. We created a late evening sky and added some light effects. Even the sea consists of two different pictures because we really wanted to have the right wave at the beach.

Nothing at this picture is real, but we were able to create the right atmosphere for his book and are proud to have created this little jewel. So thank you Isaac for honoring us as winner.

You can find more wonderful covers at Marydes.