Book covers for fantasy stories

Bring your imagination to life

Sometimes there’s a story inside you. Some scenes firmly etched in your head and shout loudly to be written. The urge is great to write it down, share your story; and to my opinion you should. Not because you hope to earn a lot of money, but especially for yourself. After all, it gives a tremendous feeling of freedom when your story has been written. It increases your self-confidence and your perception in the way you’re consuming life alters. You pay more attention to details and experience it more intensely. Unconsciously you search for clues for a new story.

Of course you want to share your story, drawn others into a world that was yours so long, and only yours. You are looking for a publisher, but that might be disappointing. A publisher could tell me that only two percent of all manuscripts will also be published. Fortunately, now you can publish your book yourself, without having to spend too much money. There are many companies that deliver “Printing on demand” – services. You deliver your text in a predetermined format and sends them your book cover or choose a standard cover from their range.

Usually writers pay too little attention to a book cover. You don’t want to make to much expenses, and believe that content is more important than a cover. It is a cliché that only partially is true. There are critics who claim that they do not read books with poor cover design and statistics prove that a good cover increases the sales of your book significantly.

A good cover gives your audience already a first impression of what they can expect in your book. It captivates and invites you to read. Creating a cover for a fantasy story is not so easy. The graphic designer will have to project himself this fantasy world of the writer. He should reflect the atmosphere of the book and that’s not really possible with some clipart and backgrounds picked from the internet. For this you need a really good designer who can create this fantasy world and fit everything seamlessly.

So go out and search for a good designer or profit from our years of experience. At MaryDes we create beautiful fantasy covers where we pay attention to every detail. In consultation with the author we will bring his fantasy world to life.

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