Designing for the stars, part 2


We’ve created a book cover design for another Broadway star.

Ernest L. Thomas, a veteran of Broadway, television, and film, has the distinction of having a hit television show or movie in every decade since he began his career forty years ago. He starred as the popular character Raj in the popular ABC hit sitcom, What’s Happening, and the number-one syndicated show nationwide, What’s Happening Now. Award-winning director Spike Lee chose him to play Sidney X opposite Denzel Washington in Malcolm X. Millennials fell in love with the character Mr. Omar, a role created for him by Chris Rock and Ali LeRoi for the global hit show Everybody Hates Chris. TV Guide chose him as one of America’s favorites in the issue titled Stars We Still Love.

From Raj to Riches is a motivational autobiography about how to overcome show business and life through faith.

Ernest is still a busy man and there was never much time to consult, but in time we managed to please him with a wonderful cover.

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MaryDes Webdesign

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